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Bears highly recommend 

The Magic Chocolate Shop

Have you ever wondered what happens inside a chocolate shop? Find out when one extraordinary chocolate character comes to life! Join Coco the bear on her adventures, as she follows her true wish to become a real bear and live with a special little girl of her own. The odds are stacked against Coco, but with an help of a fairy perhaps the odds can be in her favor.

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Bears highly recommend 

Twins European Adventure

This is a whimsical tale about twin orphan bears that have found a home with Thomas Smith and his adventurous family. Thomas’s parents have unique careers which allow them to travel the globe.


In this first adventure Thomas and his mother, Linda, plan to take a trip to Europe whilst his father is away in the military. But from the beginning the bears have a hard time staying together. Serendipitous circumstances bring them together and apart - sending one orphan on a unique adventure all on his own - lost in Europe, riding the railways and meeting new people. The railways inspire the creation of music while Thomas and the twins explore the past.  If you and your child enjoy music, art, adventure, and adorable characters, this book is for you.


Review: In Fur Nation

Two Bears, One Boy, and a Big World  Apr 16th, 2015 by Rodney

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