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Want to learn more about Art  from Amber able to teach you.

Amber Victoria has over 25 years of experience in several different mediums. She teaches at Shemer Art Museum, on request can be available for private or public art lessons or demos. My class can be stuctured from realism to creating abstract work.

Tone and Value


Tone and value can stretch from human figure and portrature, landscape to objects. It is understanding light and value scale from light to dark.



Learning to paint or draw in moment whither it is landscapes or people have another set of rules. Amber will help you understand new rules and unique special guidance to create from life, in the moment .

Architectural Illustration


As a concept and interior Designer for last 15 years fabrcating concepts of multi- million dollar products from an idea to product. Is something someone does not  pick up in a short time. But Amber can grow your skills how to capture perspective, value,scale and develop drawing  to communicate scene in line,light, perspective and design. In a golden art of hand architectural rendering or quick sketches.Only computer need is the one on your shoulders, behind your eyes.

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